Viewing Grades

Viewing Grades

You may use the Gradebook tool to view your grades for a course. You will see only the information your instructor has chosen to display to students. This information may include the following:

      Course grade to date

      Calculated grade to date (cumulative score in the course, upon which your course grade is based)

      Course grade statistics (mean, median, mode, and class rank)

      Score, due date, and total possible points for individual items

      Statistics (mean, median, and mode) and statistics charts for individual items

      Categories to which individual items are assigned

      Weights for categories and items

When you access the Gradebook tool, the WVSU Online displays a screen that is similar to this one:

      WVSU Online displays course information, such as course grade to date, calculated grade to date, and rank, in the top section.

      Below this section, WVSU Online displays information about individual items in a spreadsheet-style format. Each item is in a row and each type of information is in a column. If an item has been excused, or it has been dropped as a lowest-score item, WVSU Online displays the score for it in red, with a strikethrough.

      To sort a column by ascending or descending order, click on the triangle in the header for the appropriate column.

      To see a comment and a statistics chart for an item, click anywhere in that item’s row. WVSU Online displays the comment in a box on the right, and the statistics chart in the top section.

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