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Chat Room

The Chat Room tool allows you to exchange text messages in real time with other site participants who are currently online. These online conversations offer a forum for getting to know other site participants, holding office hours online (assuming you do not need privacy for a meeting), providing tutoring, answering simple questions, and helping with homework. A chat room may also provide a vehicle for you and other team members to meet with an expert in a remote location, allow members of a study group to exchange information, and hold other real-time, unstructured conversations with users who are signed on at the same time.

Warning: Chat Room messages are not private. All users who are online and have read permissions can view them. WVSU Online saves chat messages indefinitely, but an instructor may choose to limit the time period for which chat messages are displayed and may delete individual messages from the site.

The Chat Room tool has the following important features.

      Multiple active chat rooms: You may maintain one or more active chat rooms and change the room you are viewing at any time.

      Flexible default chat room: You may set any chat room as your default room and may change this default at will.

      Users present list: Users can see a list of other users who are currently on line in the site.

      Display options: Instructors can specify the number of messages that are displayed to all participants or can allow participants to control the display on their own screens. All participants can control the date/time display.

      With appropriate permissions, site owners may clear the history for any chat room.

      Archiving: All messages are archived indefinitely, until you delete them.


To access this tool, click on Chat Room in the tools menu on the left side of the screen. WVSU Online displays the Chat Room home page.

This screen displays the latest messages in your default chat room. Here, you can both read and enter messages. If you have sent any of the messages shown on the screen, your name is shown in red. The names of other users are shown in other colors. The number of colors is limited, so a color (other than red) may be assigned to multiple users.

On this screen, you can also see a list of all users who are currently in the chat room.

Warning: You cannot access the Chat Room tool without being listed as present on this screen. Therefore, you cannot secretly monitor chat room conversations. Neither can you hold private conversations in a chat room.

After accessing the home page, you may use the pulldown lists to change the display. For instructions on changing the display, see Working with Lists.

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