What is My Workspace?

My Workspace

After you log in, WVSU Online displays the home page for your private My Workspace site. From here, you may access all of the other sites you belong to in WVSU Online.

Your My Workspace site serves several purposes:

      It displays a message of the day, if any, from your system administrator.

      It provides a private space in which you can store and manage files.

      It allows you to maintain a schedule that automatically aggregates important events from the calendars of all the sites you belong to.

      It may also display announcements and notations indicating whether you have unread private or forum messages from the other sites you belong to.

      It allows you to set global preferences for receipt of automatic email notifications, display of your personal information, and more.

      My Workspace can also serve other purposes, such as providing a place in which to view matrices and portfolios that connect your learning experiences and allowing you to see whether matrices and wizards created by others are awaiting your evaluation.

When you first access My Workspace, you’ll see the My Workspace home page. This page can include several different sections, which you may customize in various ways:

      Message of the Day

      My Workspace Information

      Recent Announcements


      Messages & Forums Notifications

The home page also provides a tool menu. For more information about tools you typically find in My Workspace, see Tools Available in My Workspace.


Message of the Day

My Workspace Information

Recent Announcements

Calendar Summary

Messages & Forums Notifications

Tools Available in My Workspace

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