Your Personal Profile within WVSU Online

Your Personal Profile

The Profile tool lets you share information and communicate with other users in WVSU Online. You may add a variety of information and images to create a comprehensive user profile, and you may also search for the profiles of other users. The tool offers several social networking features, as well as integration with Twitter. The Profile tool is also integrated with the Clog, Forums, and Roster|topic=Roster tool, so your profile image and other information may be displayed in those tools, too.

With the Profile tool, you may:

 Provide contact information, such as an email address, phone, and fax number; staff or student information; links to social network sites; and personal information, such as nickname, birthday, and favorite books and movies. You may also use a rich text editor to add a personal summary and/or staff profile.

 Upload a profile image. Depending on how your instance of WVSU Online is configured, and if your institution provides an official image, you may also have the option to choose your official image as your profile image. In addition, you may opt  to use a gravatar (globally recognized avatar) as your profile image.

 Upload a variety of images to a Pictures gallery and choose to display the images with your profile, as well as choose to make any image in the gallery your profile image.

 Search for other users by their personal information, such as favorite books or movies, as well as search by name or email; you may also limit your search to a particular site to which you belong.

 Request a connection with another user; you may also confirm or ignore connection requests from other users.

 Share profile information with your connections.

 Receive private messages from, and send private messages to, your connections.

 Create a project site with selected connections as site members.

 Enter status updates that are displayed next to your name in your profile.

 Post messages to your profile “wall,” which can be seen and commented upon by other users, and post comments to the profile walls of other users.

 Specify that status updates in your profile are posted on your Twitter home page. (Note: you must have a Twitter account to use this feature.)

 Select a variety of privacy settings to specify what information may be seen, and by whom.

 Choose to display a “Kudos" rating in your profile. Calculated daily, this rating is a score for your profile use, based on status updates, information provided, and other measurements.  

The Profile tool is usually available only in My Workspace. To access the tool, click Profile in the tools menu on the left side of the screen. WVSU Online displays your profile, which may look similar to this:


Editing Your Profile

Note: By default, WVSU Online includes your user name and email address in your profile. You may decide what additional information to include. Unless you choose to hide information or only let certain users see it—or unless your school sets permissions so that your profile may only be seen by specific types of users—the information is available to everyone in WVSU Online. WVSU Online may also display information from your profile in the Clog, Forums, and Roster tool for any site in which you are a participant.

If WVSU Online is not displaying your profile, click the Reset button. Or, click My profile in the menu bar. Once WVSU Online displays your profile, you may add or change your profile image, as well as add or change information in the following categories:

 Basic information

 Contact information

 Staff information

 Student information

 Social networking   

 Personal information

You may also post status updates, as well as post messages on your profile wall.

More: or Changing Your Picture or Changing Your Information


Posting a Status Update

To post a status update for your profile, follow these steps:

1.  On the Profile tool home page, click on the field below your name.

2.  Enter your status update.

3.  Click on the Say it button.

WVSU Online displays the status update next to your name, along with the time elapsed since the posting. When you first post a status update, WVSU Online displays “just then.”

If you want your status update to be posted on your Twitter home page, you must specify the appropriate settings, as explained in Setting Preferences in the Profile Tool.

Note: To post updates in Twitter from the Profile tool, you must have a Twitter account.

To delete a status update, click on WVSU Onlinear link.


Posting Wall Messages

Note: The ability to view and post messages on another user’s profile wall depends on the preferences set by that user, as explained in Setting Preferences in the Profile Tool

To post a message on your own profile wall or the wall of another user, follow these steps:

1.  Navigate to the appropriate profile and click on the Wall tab.

2.  In the displayed rich text editor, enter your message. This editor provides limited formatting and lets you add links.

3.  Click Post to wall. Your message will be displayed at the top of the messages list, which includes all messages in reverse chronological order.

To add a comment for a post, click the Comment link for that post. In the box that displays, enter your comment:

Then click the Add comment button. Your comment is displayed below the message.

You may also remove messages posted to your own profile wall. To do so, click the Remove link for the appropriate post. A confirmation window is displayed:

In this window, click Remove from wall. The post, and all comments for it, will no longer be displayed.


Searching Users and Requesting Connections

In the Profile tool, you may search profiles of users in WVSU Online, in order to view their profiles and request connections with them. You may search by user name, email address, or common interest (personal information, such as a favorite book or movie, listed in a user’s profile). You may also limit your search to a particular site to which you belong.

The user profiles returned in your search may include the following:

  Name, profile image, and status update of each user.

  A link for viewing each user’s list of connections. If you are not connected with a user, you will also see a link for requesting a connection.

  A link for sending an email to each user.  

In addition, you may click on a user name or profile image to view that user’s profile.

Note: What you view in search results will depend on the privacy and preferences settings of the users you search, as well as whether you have connections with those users. Some users may opt to hide various parts of their profile, as well as their list of connections, or they may opt to make certain information available only to their connections. For more information about privacy and preferences settings, see Setting Privacy Controls and Setting Preferences in the Profile Tool.   

To search for users and request a connection, follow these steps:

1.  Access the “Search by name or email” page. You may do so in one of three ways:

  Click Search in the Profile tool menu bar.

  If you have not yet added any connections, click the Search for connections link in the My Connections section of your profile.

  Click Connections in the Profile tool menu bar. On the page that is displayed, click the Search for connections button.

     In each case, WVSU Online displays the following page:

2.  Choose whether to search by name, email address, or common interest:

  To search by a user’s name or email address, enter the appropriate information in the Search terms field and click on the Search by name or email radio button.

  To search by personal information (such as a favorite book or movie) that is listed in a user’s profile, enter the appropriate information in the Search terms field and click the Search by common interest radio button.

3.  If you want to include existing connections in the search results, be sure the box is checked for Include connections in search results. Otherwise, uncheck this box.

4.  To limit your search to a particular site to which you belong, check the box to the left of the displayed dropdown menu and select the appropriate site from that menu.

5.  Click Search. WVSU Online then displays the search results:

6.  To view a user’s profile, click on the user’s name or profile image. To request a connection with a user, click on the Add as a connection link for that user. In the dialogue box that displays, click the Add connection button. By default, WVSU Online sends you a notification email when the user confirms your request.  

Once a user has confirmed your connection request, WVSU Online displays that user’s profile in the My Connections section of your profile, as well as on your connections page. For more information about connections, see Viewing and Managing Connections.

Setting Privacy Controls

In the Profile tool, you may set a variety of controls to limit what parts of your profile may be seen, and by whom. You may also control who can search for your profile and see your online status in WVSU Online, as well as whether your connections can send you messages.

Your choice of privacy options depends on the privacy control you are setting.

  For all controls, you may select “only my connections.”

  You may also select “everyone” for all controls, with the exception of “Who can send me messages.” For that control, your choices are “Only my connections” and “nobody.”

  For some controls, you may also select “only me.”

Note: Users will only see your “kudos” rating if you opt to display it on your profile, as instructed in Setting Preferences in the Profile Tool.

To set your privacy controls, access the Profile tool and follow these steps:

1.  Click on Privacy in the menu bar. WVSU Online displays the following screen:

2.  For the appropriate control, choose your setting from the dropdown menu.  

3.  Click the Save settings button. WVSU Online displays the following message at the bottom of the screen:

To return to the home page, click My profile in the menu bar. Or, click the tool reset button.


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